Group Retreats


King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre is the ideal place to hold your upcoming gathering. Overlooking the spectacular eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, we specialize in hosting affordable, intimate retreats for as few as 3 guests or as many as 27. We are well known for our delicious meals, warm hospitality and comfy rooms. We welcome you to come and experience King’s Fold.

Groups can book either a day retreat or overnight retreats, lasting from one day to a week or more. We are open seven days a week, with weekend dates at a premium. 

King’s Fold hosts an array of different types of gatherings, including men’s and women’s retreats, contemplative and silent retreats, leadership retreats, church retreats, creative arts retreats, adult education sessions, and ministry planning days. 

We have 16 guest rooms and almost all of them come with a private washroom and comfortable area to pray, rest, reflect or read. There are several meeting and breakout rooms available for your use, and you are welcome to the expanse of our entire 166 acre property.

Meals are served family-style, and are an unhurried time to share conversation around the table or enjoy the impressive views of the Ghost River Valley and Rocky Mountains.

Our sacred spaces and captivating wilderness can enhance your group’s retreat experience in rich and unique ways. The sacred spaces in the lodge are available for your group, including a library equipped with thousands of titles, a 2-level prayer loft, and small, comfortable rooms for quiet conversation. As your schedule allows, we encourage you to build soul-renewing time into your retreat for participants to find rest, peace and space to reflect.

We also encourage you to provide group or individual experiences in our chapel, on our prayer walks, or at the labyrinth. Why not give your participants the gift of personal time in the greenhouse/solarium where they can settle into a comfortable chair by the warmth of a wood stove?

Perhaps your retreatants would enjoy exploring the trails that crisscross our 166 acres, or you could even hold a meeting outside in our gazebo or on the greenhouse deck (in nice weather, of course!).

King’s Fold is awash with rich resources and we invite you to find ways for your group to experience them. If you need assistance in this regard, community members are happy to help you with ideas and input.

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