Below you will find a brief description of our facilities and you can check out more pictures in our Photo Gallery.
It is, however, impossible to do justice to the beauty and “sacred” quality of our grounds and facilities through descriptions and pictures. You really need to come out and see for yourself.


Our lodge guest rooms are much like Grandmother’s house – cozy, inviting and peaceful. All rooms have twin, double or queen sized beds, and most have a comfy chair,  writing desk and private bath. Individuals, couples, and small groups of friends can all be accommodated in our guest rooms.


The spacious dining room, with its mountain view, comfortably accommodates about 24 guests.  Home-cooked meals are the order of the day and often guests find themselves lingering at the tables for another cup of tea and conversation. Birds, squirrels and deer often offer entertainment just outside our picture windows and the dining room is graced with a majestic stone fireplace.  To dine at King’s Fold is a warm, renewing experience, every day.


The library at King’s Fold contains over 4000 books and is intentionally kept current by the addition of new publications on a wide range of subjects. The library contains the writings of such scholars as Henri Nouwen, Francis Schaeffer, C.S. Lewis and Thomas Merton.

Comfortable chairs by the wood-burning fireplace provide a cozy place to read. It is a wonderful place to spend a reflective afternoon or evening and is one of the spaces reserved for quiet.


King’s Fold specializes in creating sacred spaces – sitting rooms and other intentional spaces for solitude, reflection or conversation.  You will discover a bench or chair under a tree, a swing overlooking the river, a small gazebo in the prayer garden, or an inviting seat close to the chapel.  Individuals or groups will find small rooms for conversation.  All of these personal, quiet spaces invite one to sit awhile, to reflect and wonder what God would like to hear today, or what God might want to say. Quiet places become sacred spaces at King’s Fold.


For larger groups we offer the Gathering Room and the Community Room as meeting space. They are inviting and come with all the technical things you might need for a retreat or teaching session.  For small groups and individuals we offer the Grace Notes Room, Friendship Room, Sun Room and prayer lofts.


For many years our greenhouse produced an abundance of fresh vegetables for our kitchen but as our guest load increased it was no longer sustainable. So it was renovated into an inviting solarium with beautiful plants and comfortable chairs. The setting is fabulous, bright, and warm, high above the banks of the Ghost River, with a clear view to the majestic Rockies.  What a restful, quiet place for reflection and renewal.


Nestled in the woods, a 10 minute walk from the lodge, overlooking a meadow and the Ghost River valley, is the Hermitage – a great place for a fasting and solitude retreat.  Guests must bring their own sleeping bag and there is no running water or electricity. However, a propane heater provides sufficient warmth.  A cozy chair, a comfortable bed and a writing desk is all that is needed for a personal retreat.  Oh, and the outside biffy-with-a-view meets our guests’ personal needs.


The Hideaway features electric heat and light, a private swing – perfect for those times of rest and reflection – and a mountain view.  The space is small, cozy, intimate, and offers an invitation to enter into a childlike repose.  The washroom in the chapel is just a short walk away.


Our boardwalk will lead you to beautifully hand carved doors which invite you into a uniquely shaped sanctuary graced with carefully crafted post and beam architecture. In the center of the chapel is a magnificent stone altar. A short climb up the spiral stairs brings you to the prayer loft, from which the altar and cross are visible – a wonderful sacred space for prayer and personal meditation. Three stunning stained glass windows enhance the sacred atmosphere of this sanctuary.


Set off from the main retreat area is a wonderful little chapel. This inviting space is situated along the ridge with views to both the east and the west. With stained glass windows and rock work on the walls, the chapel is a great space for prayer and reflection – both inside and out. It also serves as the final station of our Emmaus Road prayer walk.


Attached to our main chapel is a beautiful prayer garden with several quiet spaces where guests can sit, meditate and pray. Perhaps it is the little waterfall you will be drawn to.  Or maybe you will want to kneel at the large rock, remembering Christ’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. The little gazebo beside the pond is a great place to ponder.  Come and enjoy the quietness – and let yourself be distracted by the birds, the flowers, and the gentle breeze in the trees.


Just like two of the disciples after the resurrection, we all find ourselves on the Emmaus Road at times.  This road calls us to wonderment, discovery, pain, joy, and enlightenment.  It’s on the Emmaus Road where Jesus comes alongside us and offers a new perspective on life, another way to look at things.  In the end our eyes are opened and we see him walking with us. Then Jesus seemingly disappears, leaving us to assimilate the new truth he has offered us into our everyday life.


Walking a prayer walk is no ordinary stroll – it’s a journey back in time to the Passion of Christ. The seven stations each invite us to sit and reflect on the events leading up to Jesus’ death. This prayer walk is an intentional reflection on what Jesus’ life and death call us to on our own journeys.


The Labyrinth is a tool for spiritual discovery and prayer and has long been connected with the Christian tradition.  In the reflective, silent walk often comes an ability to recognize and express things from one’s life that are not otherwise easily articulated.  At times the pathway takes one close to the center, only to be led once again to the periphery of the circle. However, if one persists, the path ultimately leads right into the center. In this way the Labyrinth functions as a metaphor for our spiritual journey, where we can recognize that God is with us through it all.  Even those unexpected turns which seemed to lead us away from God’s presence and care, are in fact an intricate part of our ever-deepening journey.


Our 166-acre pristine wilderness setting is full of trails and river valley for our guests to enjoy.  It is largely a forested area and frequent Chinook winds provide plenty of hazardous trees to be aware of.  We share this area with deer, moose, wolves, coyotes, bear, lynx, cougar, etc. so good judgment is required.  We recommend bringing bear spray and appropriate apparel for the outdoors.  There is abundant space for exploration, exercise and solitude if careful consideration of the risks is implemented but please note that King’s Fold cannot accept responsibility for personal injury.  Trails are used at your own risk.

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