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Overnight Retreats

Room/Retreat Fee
Private Rooms (1 night, 3 meals) $120/person/night
Shared Rooms (1 night, 3 meals) $105/person/night
Private Rooms (2 nights, 5 meals) $220/person/wknd
Shared Rooms (2 nights, 5 meals) $190/person/wknd
Room/Retreat Fee
Private Rooms Fasting $75/person/night
Shared Rooms Fasting $60/person/night
Fasting/Solitude retreat in a cabin $55/night

Day Retreats

Room/Retreat Fee
Day use with lunch $40/person
($25 for Seniors or FT Student)
Day use with lunch and bedroom $50/person
($35 for Seniors or FT Student)
Day use fasting $25/person
Day use fasting and bedroom $35/person

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Deposits of $50/person for one night, and $100/person for multi-night retreats are due at time of booking and are refundable up to one week before your retreat.

If fees for personal retreats are prohibitive, financial help may be available through our Guest Assistance Fund, but must be arranged at time of booking.

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