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Sacred Spaces

King’s Fold hospitality is about offering quiet places for people - to rest, to reflect, to pray, to retreat.  Often quiet places become sacred spaces. People are touched by God here - perhaps that’s what makes a quiet space a sacred one.

Guest Lodge

Facilities at King's Fold include twin, double and queen bed accommodation for about 24 guests.  Two gathering rooms are available for group retreats, as well as small meeting rooms for group or individual use.

Fasting Cabins

For those who want a solitary place for fasting and prayer, 2 cabins have been set aside from the main facility - the Hermitage and the Hideaway.

Sights and Sounds

Situated on 166 acres of prime recreational land straddling the Ghost River, it is an ideal place for hiking and nature walks while on retreat.

Community Life

The King's Fold Community is a unique group of men and women who have committed themselves to the mission of King's Fold.  Their diverse life journey and broad faith backgrounds create a rich resource for ministry and relationships.  Cooper (our dog), as well as Tommy, Rocky and Rory (our cats) add to the richness of community life.