Personal Retreats


While you may not have considered going on a personal spiritual retreat, the lives we lead today create an even greater need for an intentional withdrawal from media, phones, routines, and responsibilities… and a leaning into silence, rest, prayer and reflection.

Individuals and couples come to King’s Fold on personal retreat to…
Rest: embrace silence, prayer, reflection, sleep
Pause: from the demands of daily life; work, family, email, texts, phone calls
 slow down, catch your breath and open yourself to God
 to the still, small voice of God and hear his heart for you
 with your Creator, yourself and others on the journey
: to passion, meaning, love and joy in life

You can choose a one-day getaway, a week-long experience, or anything in between. Long term stays are sometimes available as well. Decide the degree to which you would like companionship on your journey, and whether you wish to fast or feast while on retreat. If you have never been on retreat before and are not sure where to start, we provide a guidebook with suggestions, or you can speak to anyone in our resident community. As well, Spiritual Direction is usually available if arrangements are made at time of booking.

To see a listing of Fees for Personal Retreats, please click here.

Personal Fasting Retreats… Fasting is the discipline of abstaining from food or pleasure for spiritual purposes.  A fasting retreat offers the retreatant time for uninterrupted reflection on the Word of God and perhaps on his or her own need for direction in some area of life. Guests can take a fasting retreat in the lodge, or we also have private, secluded, fasting cabins set apart from our main guest areas. These cabins are designed to help those seeking God through the disciplines of silence, solitude, and simplicity, while fasting.

We advise that the disciplines of fasting and solitude should not be taken lightly. If you are experiencing loneliness or depression, spending time in solitude may not be helpful. If you have any physical or psychological conditions requiring medication, we ask you to please check with your physician regarding the advisability of solitude and fasting. During a fast of 3 days or more, we may require you to check in with us regarding your welfare. If necessary, after carefull consideration, we may ask you to terminate your fast if we discern it is unsafe to continue.

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