King’s Fold is pleased to offer a personally directed retreat that focuses on the life of Christ in Scripture following the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This retreat is characterized by daily personal prayer on scripture passages, communion and common prayer, set in the context of silence and supported by daily individual spiritual direction.


Begins:  Sunday, March 10th at 7:00 pm      Ends:  Sunday, March 17th at 1:00 pm
Facilitators:  Heather Cowie and Michelle Newsham

“For it is not knowing much, but realizing and relishing things interiorly,
that contents and satisfies the soul.” 
[Annotation 2]
– St. Ignatius Loyola. Spiritual Exercises.

What is a Directed Retreat?  The directed retreat is designed to create an environment where you can meet God intimately and discover that you are uniquely loved and called by God.  The Holy Spirit is the principal director of this time working in the depths of our hearts.

There are several key factors in the directed retreat which help you in this personal journey of discovery of the Lord…
Personal Prayer: During the course of the retreat, you are invited to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord through periods of quiet, personal prayer, usually rooted in Scripture and especially the gospels.
: Through reflecting on your experience you are helped to recognize the inner movements of consolation and desolation, and to discern the call of God from the many rival calls that can draw you away from God.
You are invited to spend the whole retreat, including meals, in silence, and to leave aside many of the things you take for granted: television, radio, mobile phones and newspapers. From this outer quiet comes an inner stillness.
Meeting with a Director: 
You are assigned a personal companion for the duration of the retreat, who each day listens to your experience, helps you to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading you and to choose material for the next day’s prayer.
Communal Prayer: 
worshipping and praying to God together in song, hearing God’s Word and praise and intercession deepens our community in the Body of Christ, that we are members one of another in the same Body.
The Eucharist/Lord’s Supper/Communion
which is the source and summit of our prayer, is provided each day. (Recommended but Optional)

Heather Cowie was part of the resident community at King’s Fold from 2000-2004. She is a Spiritual Director in Calgary and co-founder and facilitator of The Studion School for Spiritual Direction in Alberta. She did her Spiritual Direction training through Providence Renewal Centre in Edmonton and experienced The Spiritual Exercises at Loyola House in Guelph. Heather loves to accompany others in Ignatian Silent Retreats and through The Exercises in Daily life.  She loves to sew and work with her hands, to spend time with friends and family and to curl up with a good book.
Michelle Newsham has been part of the community at King’s Fold for several years.  She has enjoyed serving in varied capacities but particularly enjoys facilitating retreats and offering spiritual direction.  Michelle feels a deep affinity for the land and is passionate about offering sacred, hospitable space where people can encounter God.  She is fascinated by culture and loves nature, photography, prairie skies and her new role in life as Grauntie.  She relies heavily on the truth that God pursues us more than we pursue God.


Mar 10 - 17 2024



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