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You may be asking the question, “What is a personal retreat?"  Or, "why should I go on retreat?” The following information will assist you in understanding how a personal retreat could enrich your relationship with God. 

a0b4091bab7d92ece7c40e3367a40599.JPGWhy retreat? 

Guests retreat at King's Fold to seek physical, emotional and spiritual renewal by enjoying creation, silence, meditation and fellowship. It could well be a time to reflect on your life's directions and priorities, or to consider major decisions in an unpressured, supportive environment. The simple act of creating time away from the usual daily demands of life can be a source of new life, energy or direction. 

What is a personal retreat? 

A personal retreat is an intentional withdrawal from the regular routines and activities of life in order to focus on my spiritual reality. In a quiet, stress free environment slowing down enough to listen to what your spirit is saying opens one up to the insights of God's Spirit.

What is a fasting retreat? 

Fasting is the discipline of abstaining from food or pleasure for spiritual purposes.  A fasting retreat offers the retreatant time for uninterrupted reflection on the word of God and on his or her own need for direction in some area of life.

King's Fold Retreat Centre has private, secluded, fasting cabins apart from the main lodge and guest areas. These cabins are designed to help those seeking God through the disciplines of silence, solitude, and simplicity, while fasting.

Johnhillclose.jpg(Please note: We advise that the disciplines of fasting and solitude should not be taken lightly. If you are experiencing loneliness or depression, spending time in solitude may increase these feelings. If you have any physical or psychological conditions requiring medication, we ask you to please check with your physician regarding the advisability of solitude and fasting. If you are fasting for more than three days, please advise us if you have any of these conditions so we can make your retreat as safe and beneficial as possible. During a fast of over 3 days, we may require that you check in with us regarding your welfare.  Please keep in mind that one should drink fluids while fasting. We reserve the right to ask you to terminate your fast if we discern it is unsafe to continue.) 

What are the benefits of a personal retreat? 

In his modern classic on the Christian life, "Celebration of Discipline", Richard Foster says, "in contemporary society our adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry, and crowds."  In other words, if the enemy of our souls can keep us trapped in a busy, noisy, crowded environment (even within the Church) we won't make much spiritual progress.  It is all too easy for our relationship with God to become overly dependent upon the constant input of others in worship and teaching.  These things are valuable and important, but unless they are balanced by special times set aside for quiet reflection, listening, and prayer, we may discover that our "experience of God" is largely borrowed from others and not truly our own. 

A retreat gives you an opportunity to intentionally spend time with God.  Perhaps there are things you want to tell Him, or something He wants to share with you, or maybe you just need to sit in His presence with no agenda at all. Life doesn't need to be falling apart to justify a retreat. 11303a5d2a66449ee235c8a416e48853.JPGIt can simply be a disciplined part of your desire to grow in your spiritual journey.  Spending time with God in this way is not a selfish act, but is a response to God, who desires to spend the time with you. Listen to God's calling. Allow God's still, small voice to penetrate your life. No longer will your journey be a copy of someone else’s, but a creative response of your heart to the heart of God. 

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