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Intentional community is part of the "DNA" of King's Fold.  Our sense of community begins with our resident staff community and extends to our part time staff, board members, volunteers, long term friends, former staff, and our guests.

The resident community is a unique group of men and women who have committed themselves to the mission of King's Fold.  Their diverse life journey and broad faith backgrounds create a rich resource for ministry and relationships.  Cooper (our dog), as well as Tommy, Rocky and Rory (our cats) add to the richness of this community life.

Our volunteers are an important part of the retreat ministry, and provide an additional richness to our community while bringing time, willingness, essential skills and expertise.

The Board of Directors is a group of men and women committed to the mission of King's Fold. They represent a variety of faith backgrounds and personal faith experience.

Currently the King's Fold Resident Community includes Marlene Adrian, Cheryl Lee Andersson, Terry and Alicia Dykstra, Frank (Director) and Nancy Littel, Michelle Newsham, Kim and Randy Wiens. Mary Litschke serves part time and is a delight to work with. We are so grateful for these people and the varied journeys each one brings to enhance our community.  Of course, Rocky, Cooper and Tommy (below) complete our resident community and keep us company!